Congratulations To Dr Kristi Bock


Speech by Rachel Desy, Office Manager, Chamber & Development Council of Crawford County

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Ada Responds To News Story Challenging Benefits Of Dental Flossing


We strongly encourage patients to floss as does the ADA and every reputable dental authority! The ADA on Aug. 2 released a statement regarding the benefits of using interdental cleaners after a recent news story questioned the benefits of dental floss.

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Ouderkirk Bock Becomes Partner At Broadway Dental


DENISON, Iowa - After three years of working closely with the patients and staff at Broadway Dental, Dr. Kristi Ouderkirk-Bock is pleased to announce that she has become a full partner with Broadway Dental, joining Dr. Doug Soseman and Dr. Ryan Bygness.

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Congratulations To Our New Parents


DENISON, Iowa - Nothing makes people smile quite as much as seeing the sweet face of a baby. And, since early spring, there have been plenty of smiles spotted at Broadway Dental. Four team members have welcomed new additions to their families, and in typical Broadway Dental fashion, we want to share those smiles with you!

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Broadway Dental Now Offering Clear Correct Alignment


DENISON, Iowa - Orthodontic services at Broadway Dental are expanding. In addition to the more traditional procedures performed by Dr. Ryan Bygness, Dr. Kristi Ouderkirk-Bock has announced she is now offering clear, customizable smile alignment with ClearCorrect invisible braces.

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