Broadway Dental Introduces Program for Uninsured Patients


DENISON, IA – Broadway Dental has announced a new plan to help the uninsured afford regular dental exams and treatment. The Smile Savings Plan, introduced earlier this year, carries an annual fee of $39 for individuals and gives members a 15% savings off most dental services. Plans are also available for families, at $89, and businesses, starting at $199.

"The Smile Savings Plan is a great alternative to insurance for many patients because there are no yearly savings limits, and no costly premiums that go to the insurance company instead of towards your health," says Angela Wiebers, dental assistant. "We are excited to offer this alternative savings plan to help all of our area residents have access to quality dental care."

Broadway Dental says that some patients were seeking an alternative to dental insurance because of the monthly premiums ranging from $20 to $50, the limited choice of covered dental providers and the maximum annual coverage limits. The Smile Savings Plan covers everything from exams and X-rays to fillings and crowns, and essentially pays for itself when you consider the savings gained from two annual check-ups.

The staff also says they work to keep their rates affordable compared to other professional dental offices in the region. "It really doesn't make sense to travel to the city for dental care," said Wiebers. "Not only have our services proven to be more affordable on the average, but when you figure in the cost of fuel to travel, it doesn't add up at all. With our new Smile Savings Plan, we make it more affordable than ever to receive top-notch care in your own community."

Patients looking for even more savings at Broadway Dental can also take part in the Care to Share referral program, where a $50 referral bonus is applied toward dental care for both the new patient and the patient who referred them. "People shouldn't have to worry about how to pay to treat oral health problems. That's why we're taking so many steps to ensure affordable care for everyone," said Wiebers.